Thank you for your interest in Cindy Guirino. (Cindy Joan Rohrbach Guirino, b.May 1, 1968, Cleveland, Ohio)

Cindy passed away on May 15, 2016 from colon cancer associated with a genetic condition (Lynch Syndrome). Perhaps it's appropriate to remind everyone that screening is really important, although in Cindy's case she was too young to have begun the usual protocol and was not aware of her risk.

Although Cindy was a counselor, an educator, and an accomplished speaker and television spokesperson, she was also a very private person. She didn't desire to have a funeral service or a published obituary. So, the "About Me" page which appears on this website, along with this short message, will serve to publically mark her extarorindary life and passing.

Cindy will be greatly missed. She is survived by her beautiful daughter, Tiffany, her husband, Ty, and his family, and her dearly loved sisters, Elizabeth, Jackie, and Mary, as well as many other family members, friends, her professional community, students, and her church. 
Please note that her family welcomes donations in Cindy's name to Hospice of Dayton's "Camp Pathways", which benefits bereaved children.

If you wish to express what Cindy meant to you professionally or personally, please direct your cards, photos, and letters to:
Ty Guirino 
c/o UB Fit Medical Nutrition Therapy
4999 Brandt Pike
Dayton, OH 45424

God bless,
Michele Deppe
Cindy's friend and a former counselor at UB-Fit